Outhouse Exemption

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Gaybasher Video Game:  http://www.blacksunpress.com/gaybasher.htm.


1)  Per to religion:  It’s somebody else that is seeking an outhouse exemption to blame for religious unpopularity.

2)  Maybe they are attorneys at the helm of your religions that might as well wreck your lives with the outhouse exemption.  Not all institutions are at odds with national trends or legal changes.  Some are rational enough to protect their members from bankruptcy and losses caused by unpopular policies.

3)  That would be a case for dynamic organization instead of static models used to wreck everything.

4)  You would also take it out on individuals and organizations that protest or boycott non-policy makers such as LDS members that didn’t make policies that you don’t like and can’t make changes even if your protesting.

5)  For blacks and gays with a chip on your shoulder:  You send your legal work and claims to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Presidency and stop bullying individual members for policies you don’t like.

6)  Mainstream Solution for Mormon Problem:  For gay or black protest, the solution would be a mainstream solution.  As such, Mormons would update in a timely manner so their policies are mainstream instead of fundamentalist.  It could preclude many gay protests or black racial claims.  It would be very important for religious popularity and business reason.

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