Bird-X BXP-PRO 2 Peller Pro Electronic Bird Repeller

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Bird-X BXP-PRO 2 Peller Pro Electronic Bird Repeller.

Approval for bird protestor repeller in Draper, Utah.

Disapproval for any stealth monitor or stalking from any source as it is disruptive to career and marriage.  Most cities would take care of the problem automatically.

Disapproval for sue out effort including those that suggest they will “make sure that never happens” by suing individuals out over and over in a lifetime.  I’ve had every message to that effect based on random arbitrary variables.  I’m a responsible citizen, anti-gay and not gay.  Utah legal support for marriage is failed and has been for as long as I have known.  It’s even worse for supports elsewhere.

Disapproval for religion in relationship to an anti-marriage legal environment.  You can express disapproval every day for judges and attorney that breach on marriage and family culture.  It should be their careers that they are anti-support for religious marriage.

The legal environment isn’t that religious to be an atheist and it should be the end of their careers and jail time that they attack and dispute religious marriage.

Lost Cause:  Finding support for nuclear marriage in Utah is a lost cause.  However, if anyone ever has a change of mind, then you would make changes that preferences and support marriage including staffing decision in the legal system that are failed.  It would be a top priority for me and for conservatives if anyone else ever thought it could matter to support marriage legally.  I’m always clear to get rid of the “explicatives” in the judicial and executive branches of government that fail to support traditional marriage and nuclear family.

Gay Protester Bird

1)  Problems at the call center:

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