OMG. What if My Plane Crashes?

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OMG.  What if My Plane Crashes?


1)  In war zones, desecration of the human body is a problem for the enemy.  An American solution for it’s citizens would be opposite of desecration when we die.  It would suggest a proper burial for those that pass away.

For the Boy Scouts of America, it might be gays that deserve desecration. . . and/or the enemy that deserves to be mocked and stuck in the barbed wire.  Males aren’t sympathetic to the enemy in a war.  However, some might chose a “more professional” work environment without it being the worst idea.

2)  A proper burial might be more difficult in a confused environment where everyone is dead or missing.  A lack of parents and/or abductions may also contribute to confusion.

3)  9-11 and/or wars might also cause desecration of reputation.  Everyone has their own losses and injury in relationship to wartime and it isn’t suppose to matter to them who survives or is injured.  That may be true without requiring public desecration.  If it’s institutionalized disrespect for 9-11 survivors then maybe they’re worse Americans.

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