Gay Hold

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Knock if off gays.

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1)  Some of the Provo bars are reporting that they are gay.  I would distance from a gay or gay marriage agenda here or there.(1)

2)  It works out better if you don’t take out everyone ethnically even if some individuals are gay of the same or similar ethnicity.  It works out better for everyone with European origin.

3)  Disrespect:  If there are any gay holds from individuals that are younger, then it would be a form of disrespect.  It would be very much like black disrespect from people that are 2-5 years younger and gay.  It would be a “bombing from below.”  Individually, I am a mainstream citizen of the United States in relationship to any claims from gays.  I’m also not a religion to protest.  It doesn’t need to matter to me that gays switch religions.

4)  The technology park nearby is a seedbed for gay activism with Bastion and others that are wealthy activists.  I’ve complained about call center and other specie flames for years that would include call centers in that area.  They have all the birds on the phone monitoring and mobbing everyone.  The birds have basic English skills and the content can be used to sue out and nuisance individuals.  Combined with lawsuit it can be used for wealth block or contribute to personal security issues.  They call can flame anyone nationwide.

5)  Large Networks can be used to monitor.  Profiling and personal information might be used for sue out through churches and non-profits such as the Boy Scouts of America.

6)  In relationship to the individuals, technologies and institutions involved with sue out, protest and anti-money hold:  I would always report who they are.  They are some of our worst citizens.  We all hope that you kill yourselves for it.  I’m clear that I would recommend prosecution and financial and other losses for them.


(1)  Some allegations have claimed anti-work, anti-money lawsuits to preclude work though some of the gays that know Ken Gividen.  The guy making that claim is CIA guy asking about 1982 bombing incidents.  He claims that they are making legal claims that are bad to the neighborhood of a family home in Orem, UT.  It may need a check for lawsuit from gays in Mountain Oaks directed toward Northridge.  You should fix the gay hold even if you are gay because it’s anti-money.


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