German from Russia Youth and Students in Germany because They are German Citizens

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JSDR – Jugend- und Studentenring der Deutschen aus Russland.


1)  Per to Germans from Russia

A gallery of photos shows youth and student Germans from Russia in Germany. The great majority of European Germans from Russia are German citizens and are modern people. The photos might suggest a life that is more affluent, educated and sporty than current depictions of the ethnicity. It is not accurate to suggest they are backward, harsh or peasants. The external links below would offer additional insight and images as to their lives and objectives as German citizens.

2)  Update:  German citizenship affords greater prosperity that would be important to Americans.  For media providers it might be whatever German American or ethnic update that helps to alleviate ethnic flames and/or derision.

3)  It also puts them on par for citizenship with other German ethnicity.   For family handling, it might need better handling on the British ancestry in relationship to German ethnicity.

4)  German citizenship for European Germans from Russia is important for American military to confirm in relationship to the war in Afghanistan.  Germans are NATO members and security analysts are more concerned about Russians than Germans or German Americans.

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