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1)  9-11 was like this except I’m stuck in the tower on fire.

2)  Being on American Airlines 11 and jumping is like that circle on the photo except I’m falling to hit the North Tower that is shown instead of the South Tower.

3)  It caused injuries including concussion, blindness, gunshot, fractures, lacerations and internal injuries.  It caused http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mesothelioma and other ailments.

4)  www.vcf.gov,  VCF0001249.  9-11 handling is political and it’s unlikely it works out for Utah survivor claims.


5)  9-11 caused regional flames from blacks mad about having to dig out survivors.  It has caused other financial losses.

6)  Because 9-11 caused upset, individuals and large institutions have caused upsets in return.  It includes public flames and having to fend off large institutional crowding out efforts.  He said it’s unreasonable and anti-money.  Everyone indicates intent to harm in relationship to work.

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