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The Center for Volga German Studies at Concordia University.


1)  In World War II many Volga Germans passed away or ended up in Siberia in spite of the fact they were not Nazi and were “punished for being German.”

a)  The following link suggests that the Soviet Volga Germans fought against the Nazis in World War II

2)  Modern Siberia:  It’s alleged to be more hospitable or friendly in places like Tomsk.  For ethnic Germans, their sympathizers are German and so the great majority moved back to Germany for longevity and financial reason some time ago.

The Siberia history is less relevant to the many Germans from Russia that immigrated to the United States much earlier.

3)  Any special interest from Utahns outside of that ethnicity might be explained by people looking for marketing content or product to sell to visitors.  There are some that monitor for other reasons such as national security, church or political reason.

4)  Individually, I’m a U.S. citizen.  The markets listed aren’t of personal interest outside of family history that is very old history.  As Americans we think about America in spite of any family history ties to other countries.

5)  Volga Germans were not Nazi.  They didn’t do it.  Most of them moved back to Germany and are German citizens.(1)

6)  Germans Americans didn’t do it.  They weren’t Nazi.  They’re U.S. citizens.


(1)  They had financial and longevity incentive to have moved back to Germany.

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