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1)  Disapproval for religions and states that are faggot-makers.

2)  Disapproval for gay communities and media that are faggot-makers.  What’s a Provo barman?  A marketing problem and a faggot-maker.

3)  Disapproval for anti-money claims from any source.

4)  Disapproval for attacks on traditional marriage.

5)  Disapproval for military and/or call center monitoring that is a faggot-maker and anti-money.

6)  Disapproval for Democrats that invert Utah on gay issues.  They’re not friend to the state.  Inverted politics causes sue out, health problems and financial stress.  Many of them are making other claims such as racism claims in addition to gay claims.  You vilify them and their bullying efforts.

7)  Per to traditional marriage:  It could be addressed outside of any reference to gay marriage.  For whatever reason sticking up for traditional marriage is limited only to condemning gay marriage.  For those of us from the the Utah that isn’t gay, gay marriage is irrelevant and of interest to gays and women that walk out.  What’s missing is broader legal support for attacks including public attacks on traditional marriage.  It might include allocating funds and support for entire legal departments in support of family and traditional marriage.  It would target the worst attackers of marriage who’s entire agenda is to cause sue out.

8)  Weber would cheer for the religious leader who’s holy war is against that attorneys, legislation, call centers and other individuals and institutions that attack traditional marriage legally and informally.  He would even cheer for the martyr that fought a bitter fight against those that bully our families, marriages and financially lives.  It would be clear to everyone to disparage, boycott and protest those that have a sue out agenda.

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