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Desecration – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


1)  LDS Desecration:  Filling in with strangers and/or other species for a religious marriage is desecration.  It’s a desecration of traditional marriage.

2)  Gay-maker is Desecrator:  Gay claims for anti-gay individuals from anti-gay Utah culture is desecration.  So are any sexual references.  It’s professional derision and desecration.  For Utah, making a claim we want your *sshole when we are heterosexual is desecration.

3)  Film Industry Desecration from Catholics:  Anti-Catholic claims per to Utah film is desecration.  It would cause large institutional shoves and derision for writers of films that are not Catholic.  The same holds for LDS desecration.  It’s the reason to be anti-Utah film in addition to non-remuneration because they use content from the school system that causes desecration of reputation.

4)  Anti-American Confusion:  American views are inverted by those with a confusion agenda.  For example, they might invert the fact that conservatives are anti-gay marriage.  American’s lose financially if you invert that they are heterosexual.  Anti-Americans invert the country.

5)  Esteemed individuals aren’t drop shipped to parallel markets or partitioned out of everything.  They have community, family and legal supports for desecration and diminution.

6)  Utah handling of divisive social issues is professional desecration.  Many individuals lose financially and professionally.  We should all be critical of anti-money views in relationship to divisive social issues.

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