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New Page 155.


1)  It might be religion that sells Hooters product.

2)  For religion, it shouldn’t be such a favor to put us with the Hooters instead of the gay bar.  That would also hold for ethnicity for those of us that are not gay.  It would also be relevant in terms of support for marriage because the gay claim is a certain bust.

3)  There might be a reasonable way to support traditional marriage even if someone else in the state is gay.

4)  Religions that fail to support traditional marriage in spite of the fact that someone is gay somewhere are not only lackluster, they are failed or irrelevant.

5)  Olga German gadget is opposite of gay bar.  It puts pressure on everyone if the ethnicity is viewed as gay.  American Slovaks or Slovenes that join AHSGR from a Provo, UT gay bar cause marketing problems because gay marriage is a politicized issue.  That also holds for any gay outings for those of us that are not gay.  If it’s Cale Hunt in Provo then he has a Boy Scouts of America stealth one that he uses for political and economic disparagement for individuals that are not gay.  For gays, Cale (UVU alumni) and Gividen are gay and they might know something about that.  I live somewhere else so I don’t think about Utah Valley.  The problem is that the call centers in Utah Valley monitor and flame everyone nationwide.(1)

6)  Here’s a lawsuit from a smaller market for gaymakers:  http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/news/53335858-78/jacob-sanpete-district-lawsuit.html.csp.  For political reason, it might work out to claim that BYU is a real faggot of an institution for UVU alumni reason.  It also works out for police because they aren’t that religious to go to BYU and because they are UVU alumni.  For BYU,  your alumni and LDS temple marriages are conservative and family people.  They don’t want a gay marriage and they don’t want anything to do with anyone’s gay agenda.  It’s the reason not to controversialize your alumni because it causes additional economic disparagement in an existing environment that is anti-Mormon.

7)  As twisted as it seems, the lawsuits should have been directed toward BYU and LDS in relationship to economic losses caused by claims and controversialization.   Individually, I am family, conservative and not gay.  In addition to any claims, LDS fill in marriage contributes to lifelong economic disparagement.  To complicate matters, the overall political climate is anti-BYU and anti-Mormon.

8)  Per Draper and Mormons:  They’re a different personality on Mormons and family compared to other cities in the state that tolerate them and like them more.  Catholics are especially challenged if they need to tolerate anything that is Mormon culture or from the state.  Everyone’s been over that in the cities that they live in and it’s worse than average.


(1)  Some people at BYU sports think everyone is a good candidate to join Cale at the bar in Provo.  It causes academic out if they flame that way through football.  Provo is not that gay to most people although two bars on Center report they are gay.  Most heterosexuals don’t want a gay bar problem.

(1a)  It’s also dangerous to ethnicities and football teams that likes beer if they make it gay to buy a beer in Provo.

(1b)  Here’s a product they sell to German Americans:  http://www.germanplaza.com/productcart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=3682&idcategory=17.  Many are not so gay.

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