Poor LDS Legal Support

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New Page 179.


1)  That might be Utah religion in that yellow car.

2)  Black Democrats:  For BYU you should match what blacks do to BYU.   That is, “It doesn’t need to matter to me who that is.”

3)  LDS and other attorneys that are suing out returned missionaries and LDS temple marriages are the worst people ever.   They are shameless and what should be

an easy catch and troubleshoot by LDS is failed.  Of course you should distance and punish them legally and otherwise.  They are heinous villains and evil men that should be notorious to all Mormons.  You would always be disapproving of such an heinous attack on traditional marriage.  The LDS response to them is “se la vie” or worse.  It’s the reason that I say, “Why don’t you get the *uck out of here.  We’re family people.”  I wouldn’t give any of them the time of day in our legal system.  I would recommend corrective actions and disbarment.  The Utah fill in marriage with a pack of strangers is a fraud one and you disbar them over it.

4)  For LDS and BYU as institutions:  What a pack of cowards you are in your failure to stick up for anyone legally.  What a pack of cowards you are to allow the state to empower people that will toss LDS temple marriage and the interests of conservatives.

5)  It’s a black church that makes everyone into a black guy when their white.

6)  Disapproval for disrespect from Baptists and others interested in religion.  It’s somebody else that is a religion and that is interested in religion as a field of study.  For Romney’s bid for office, it includes being flamed by other people’s religion including from black Baptists.

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