Disapproval for Draper on Marriage

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Draper, Utah – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


1)  Disapproval for Draper, Utah on marriage.  For many of us from Utah, it’s a big disappointment in relationship to support for nuclear family.  Utah is has been anything but cooperative in relationship to fraud issues including mortgage fraud schemes that include Sandy and Draper residents.  Draper is a dump market where men buy houses with their wives that sell mortgages through assumed identities.  They also shove from larger markets to get everyone to Utah.  It’s identity and mortgage fraud that includes Sandy residents.

2)  Disapproval for Catholic interface with Mormon culture and family.  Many of us are from here and don’t owe you an apology for not being Catholic.  We’re family people and condemn your public sue out efforts including sue out efforts from local call centers and at public events.  We all hope you kill yourselves for your anti-marriage anti-traditional family views.  We don’t want to hear it’s Catholic around here and so can’t live here or work here.  It’s Democrats that don’t get along with Utah including Catholic Democrats.  It’s Smells and Bells among others that are anti-money to everyone.  It’s low if you sue and dischord everyone and everything.

3)  If you look at sue out rates for Draper compared to South Jordan then you can see it’s a travesty that includes failed institutional and city supports for traditional marriage.

4)  It’s a place full of animal confusion.  Everybody is other species.

5)  If everyone has a bad partition then what’s the point to go here or there.  It’s just more other specie problems.

6)  For the individuals involved with marital and mortgage fraud, it requires strong prosecution.  It needs to be a clear message of disapproval for traditional marriage reason.  It requires  leadership to vilify and prosecute illegal process.

7)  For Sandy LDS, Orem has the highest aversion to fraud and sue out known to man.  Your taking out temple marriage, returned missionaries and BYU alumni that are great believers in traditional marriage.  Your corrupt beyond redemption and we all hope you kill yourselves for supporting mortgage fraud and illegal marriage.  For you to fill in with other specie is mean-spirited, illegal, anti-conservative and anti-money.(1)(2)

8)  For LDS fill in marriage, it includes extensive derision from black Baptists from somebody that isn’t interested in becoming a Baptist or switching religions.  LDS fill in marriage is anti-business, anti-marriage and anti-career.


1)  Per to inverted politics:  NYC Black Democrats invert Utah politically.  For example, they would dispute if Orem has high aversion to sue out or if that needs to matter to them.  So would Dems in SLC, U and LDS divorce attorneys and Sandy LDS.  The response to that dispute and inversion needs strong conservative leadership.  You should be especially mean to them legally and informally.  Disapproval for LDS response to inverted politics that includes public and legal attacks on LDS temple marriage.  The failure to vilify sue out efforts for LDS temple marriage is an institutional leadership failure.  Many of them are LDS attorneys that should be excommunicated and delicensed for anti-marriage and anti-LDS legal attacks.

2)  For local business, you don’t fund women that are involved with mortgage and financial fraud.  It’s illegal.  You bankrupt them instead.

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