Impostor – Utah Failure to Prosecute

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Impostor – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


1)  Utah has failed to prosecute impostors that assume identity in our families.  I may include parents and other family members.  It may include an impostor wife.  Impostors are often involved with various financial fraud schemes including mortgage fraud.  Many at the U claim they are a good friend to wreck your life legally and financially.

2)  If BYU got nuked in 1982 then everything is confused and assumed in relationship to family identity.  Many SLC residents will assume for financial fraud reason and for sue out reason.

3)  On movie content:  Good job making some black actresses into stars that hate your guts and hope you die because they are anti-Mormon.  The writer that you like is esteemed by you, credited and paid.

4)  Police officers that make business and economics into poets or literary are anti-Mormon.  They are anti-Mormon for anything legal.  They cause a middling effect for people with higher educational level then cops have on average.

5)  What are Mormons good for:  They’re good for crashing everything — especially if they flame everyone at the ball game, call centers or online.

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