First Person Shooter

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1)  First Person Shooters says, “Stop mouthing off to everyone.”

2)  If you shoot the ones that are involved with sue out then your doing everyone a favor.  They’re our worst citizens.  This is Weber to deaf ears, “Why don’t you get the *uck out of Utah.  We’re family people.  We all win if you kill yourselves for sue out effort.”

3)  Russian Mennonites spoke Plautdietsch.  The birds go for Plautdietsch flames.

4)  Bullying and consternation efforts are political and often includes anti-religion bias:,_uncertainty_and_doubt.

5)  Americans don’t want to be vicitimized by PSYOPS or any military strategies. or  Crimps on free expression and claims pertaining to various websites may be exaggerated or hidden during wartime.

6)  Targeted individuals may experience confusion that is institutional or military.  Protestors that use disruptive technology contribute to confusion.  Gay protestors and blacks think LDS members are to blame instead of policy makers.  They cause depression everywhere with confusion.  People that troubleshoot correctly are critical of their misguided animosity toward people that can’t change any policies that you don’t like and didn’t create the policies that your protesting.  Many believe it’s outside of their financial and marital interest for you to make them unpopular.

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