New school can’t be Cougars because middle-aged women might be offended

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New school can’t be Cougars because middle-aged women might be offended | Prep Rally – Yahoo! Sports.

Corner Canyon Chargers:

Dodge Charger:


1)  The Utah that I have know doesn’t buy a muscle car.

2)  The broad shifts in the nation don’t include traditional marriage and support the wrong people financially.  The outs include people that are better educated and think your a bunch of *ucking losers.

3)  It would be different handling for black derision and lawsuits.  Bullying e-mails indicate that they sue out and make claims because they are anti-Mormon and Democrats.  It would be much stronger in response to your legal work and claims.  It would hire cops and judges that stick up for traditional marriage and that nullify your sue out efforts.  It would be a clear message nationwide that you can *uck off and you’d encounter legal problems for your bullying efforts.

In America we work.  Those that follow scripts or life plans that are anti-money and anti-work are directly responsible for economic disparagement.  It would include public hazing, lawsuits and claims made on people that are educated Americans.  Your hobby interests, religious affiliations, protests and political ambitions are your own and anti-money claims and career blocks are anti-American.

4)  Cougars:  That’s a problem for BYU if there is a problem with the cougar mascot.  It may need troubleshoot to determine if they are suing out institutionally based on the cougar pornographic connotation.  They toss on the troubleshoot even if they have evidence of that.  You should fix it for conservative and financial reason.  It might lend itself to dispute if your alumni have traditional values.  Footnote:  BYU stinks on coverage for it’s alumni per to traditional values.  It would not be disputed legally anywhere if it were strong.  It stinks enough to burn down Mormonism.

5)  Many public university alumni act like BYU is niggerland.   In Utah, they often have the same LDS membership.  If it’s LDS members contributing to the shove down than it’s complicated how to adjust.(1)  It’s somebody else that gets along with derision.


(1)  Some distance from the Boy Scouts of America or distance from alumni affiliations.

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