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1)  This blogger is a U.S. citizen.

2)  The military may be critical of any international organizations including non-profits and churches with international memberships.

3)  This individual wants an upward directional arrow.  He’s critical of downward pressures from a number of sources.

4)  It’s one response to black Americans that ask in e-mails, “Why would that bother you if we flame your?”  One Answer:  Because it causes downward pressure and is anti-money.(1)

5)  If you understand all the above, then it might make sense why the Harlem Globetrotters are a bad idea for Utah high schools in addition to BYU ties to black neighborhoods in NYC and D.C.  Most white Americans would chose to affiliate or to live elsewhere.  For Utah film, you wouldn’t instruct young people to write blacks or gays into movies for the same reason.  They target the movie writers.


1)  When asked why they flame people in Utah they respond that it’s because they are anti-Mormon.  It causes a middling effect.

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