It’s Blacks making Nazi Claims in the American West

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1)  The ones that think the American West is a Nazi are black Democrats.  They’re no friend to Utah.

2)  You review black Baptist e-mails and you’ll find lots of problems and confusion for LDS and conservatives nationwide.  They send threats like a bunch of terrorists.  They make racism claims to justify bullying efforts.  Alleged some of the call center monitor and flames are from black Baptists.

3)  NYC blacks are about the same for 9-11 survivors.  It might need a stronger Utah that doesn’t want it’s residents to be bullied around by Democrats.

4)  Ethnic referencing from call centers is professional derision in relationship to foreign rural markets that are irrelevant to those of us that are American citizens and that prefer larger markets.

5)  The following link suggests that the Soviet Volga Germans fought against the Nazis in World War II

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