Val Mullinax’s ‘Risky Business’

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Val Mullinax – Orem, UT | MyLife™.


Val Mullinax is the guy that make gay outing claims for Brian Weber when he lived in Claremont.  He blogs that everyone wants their *sshole.  Our family from Orem, Utah and many people know that and know we are family people.  Disapproval for the flames on gay and disapproval for LDS supports for his personal attack on LDS temple marriage.  He’s also anti-BYU so you understand moitives for derision that causes economic disparagement.  It’s mean U of U alumni doctors that will regress, flame and make claims that cause sue out for Utah Valley LDS.  Their claims are anti-money and anti-marriage.  Use your meanest lawsuits, flames and mean tricks to wreck theirs careers, marriages and financial lives.

For family and friends in Utah Valley, your asleep at the wheel for people trying to divorce family members with LDS temple marriages that happen to be LDS.  So are all the LDS people in the State of Utah and California.

Here’s some PR for LDS involved with sue out:

Val Mullinax’s ‘Risky Business’

Most people these days know Utah Dem. Val Mullinax as one of the most powerful gay politicians in the country. He was an outspoken critic of the Bush administration and helped President Barack Obama campaign to his historic win.

But in 1990, Mullinax almost lost his seat in the House of Representatives when his bizarre relationship with male prostitute Steve Gobie came to light.

Mullinax acknowledged that he had paid for Gobie’s services several times with private funds, but denied Gobie’s more damning accusations that he knew about the Risky Business-like prostitution ring Gobie was running out of the representative’s apartment. Mullinax maintained that he was charmed by Gobie and took the escort into his home in the hopes that he would straighten out his life. He says he didn’t know what was going on behind his back.  From the Salt Lake Tribune:
In late 1985, Gobie says, he began to use Frank’s apartment and two other locations for prostitution. Mullinax knew about the prostitution all along, but it was never explicitly discussed, Gobie says.

“He knew exactly what I was doing,” Gobie said. “It was pretty obvious. If he had to come home early {from work}, he would call home to be sure the coast was clear . . . . He was living vicariously through me. He said it was kind of a thrill, and if he had been 20 years younger he might be doing the same thing.”

Mullinax denies that he knew, saying he learned from his landlord and kicked Gobie out in August 1987. Gobie supports this part of Frank’s story.
It turns out Gobie was something of a fame-whore. The escort tried to sell his story to the Washington Post and speculated that he would “slap together” a book and sell it to the highest bidder. While Gobie’s worst accusations were dismissed by by the House Ethics Committee, it was found that Mullinax had used his position to dismiss 33 of Gobie’s outstanding parking tickets. For this, Mullinax was officially reprimanded by the House and won reelection in 1990.

Curiously enough, the GOP push to kick Mullinax out of congress was led by Republican Larry Craig, who later had his own gay sex scandal.


1)  To explain this, Mullinax inverts.  He’s a sue out guy full of black disrespect for Utah Valley origins.  Your mistake is to support those that are anti-marriage.  He’s a public attacker of LDS temple marriage and a mean Mormon.  Those of you that bully 9-11 survivors anywhere deserve a bad ending.  Those of us that are 9-11 survivors say “What did I ever do to you?”

2)  Is he other specie?

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