*astard gay agenda

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1)  *astard gay agenda.  That must be someone black with an *astard gay agenda that has a chip on their shoulder for Utah residents.

2)  Blacks won’t drop racism claims for Utah no matter what and so it ends up that you don’t need to matter to anyone or religion.

3)  NBA:  Some of the ones that with an anti-religion crusade are black athletes.  To that guy your church is a racist no matter what you do.  It may also include suing you for racism every day.

4)  Some of the gays have similar lawsuits that are anti-work, anti-money holds.

5)  They are bullying efforts with lawsuits and nobody troubleshoots correctly or nullifies their claims.

6)  Maybe they nuke Provo and fill in with 200,000 gays and that’s why Utah has suffered such an inversion.

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