Generic Mom and Dad

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Generic Mom and Dad

In relationship to my parents, not one person in my family has ever mentioned if they have passed away.  They just fill in for them instead and I don’t ever know who is there.

It would lend itself to a political troubleshoot that goes weak on it.  It fails to troubleshoot anything legal for example.  It would also lend itself to sue out and malfeasance.

Sometimes they are in wait but most people have misgivings about fill ins that may not stick up for anyone correctly.

In relationship to holidays, we have our own lives.  To fill in with other species for family events, such as holiday dinners or weddings with other species is disrespectful.  Anymore in the United States, what’s new about confusion.  A proper troubleshoot is important for business reason.

Per to e-mail  It may be Trent Weber that lives in Spanish Fork, Utah that is assuming that identity.  I don’t want him to because he is a younger brother and not my father.  It doesn’t need to matter to me who that is and he isn’t authorized to assume power or the checkbook of the family business.  Outside of that if could be Army or other administrator from a confused 1982 nuclear bombing incident alleged to be from a Japanese source or from a 9-11 plane crash.  I lose some longevity from the combined injury of those incidents.


1)  The state is negligent and so are institutions and individuals within our state.  It’s full of financial fraud.

2)  They make false histories that are bad to everyone to cover for missing people.  They are negligent and toss one’s legal, health and financial interests.

3)  Longevity is an issue for the 1982 Provo bombing.  Some have alleged 200,000 people died and that it known only to the military.  Those of us that have survived may have other symptoms from that incident such as blindness and cancer from radiation.

4)  Explaining the reason why they bombed would be important for troubleshooting.  The Japan story suggest retaliation for World War II nuclear bombings from the Enola Gay.  It’s alleged that Provo individuals help them to bomb Japan.  With no other explanation investigators may visit Mormon Problem as a potential cause.  Provo survivors would be reluctant to report anything to do with it because it’s bad for business.

5)  Handling:  Larger markets would have commemorated or memorialized anyone that died in that incident.

6)  Are they other specie parents?

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