Fill In Parents

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Darrell Weber
8:37 AM (1 hour ago)

to me
Per Fill In Parent in Orem, Utah
They fill in with other species for them.  It’s ongoing financial fraud.  It’s a fill in that fails to fix anything legal.  The fill in are anti-career, anti-marriage and anti-business.  This is what happens if I confront them:
Dear Brian:
     I realize your concern, but you should not be worried.  We are your real parents and we have had no indication of anyone trying to fill in as your parents.  We wish you the best.
Love Dad
1)  In the 70s, one real estate building on 8th North Orem was based on marketing content from a “Star Wars Series” writing period.  It was collected based on some premise I would be paid something for writing the films.  If any payments were received for Star Wars or any other film then it went to someone else.  In relationship to Weber Investment LLC,  I would then be funding a set of people that are disrespectful to me and it would matter financially if I were to manage my own resources.
2)  If they are church or state fill ins it’s likely they would toss to the church or to the state when everyone dies.  We all die eventually, but its financial fraud for someone to assume powers and would matter for financial reason to manage our own resources.  If it’s a younger brother, they toss to their family members, fill in for marriage so that I have no heir(1), and toss everything in between.
3)  In relationship to any extended family, I would chose for you not to be my personal accountant or to manage my resources for financial fraud reason.  I would also chose for you not to manage our family business for disrespect and financial reason.  Some of them are accountants and disrespectful to Utah Valley origin.
4)  In relationship to any claims from Utah Valley, they are disrespect and you never would give them the time of day for prominence reason.  You would be mean to anyone that does.  That would include any troubleshoot for an LDS fraud marriage that include filling in with a pack of strangers.  You don’t bully me around legally in relationship to that.  For family and friends, it should be clear to you that I don’t want a fraud marriage because you understand everyone in relationship to Utah culture.  You failed in your troubleshoot.
5)  In relationship to any claims from UCCU, it might be someone working for retail wages saying there is a lockout.  You need to send the claims forward if you have any.
6)  For family and political reason, you should hit hard on any claims.  They are untrue and would contribute to financial loss.  I’m larger market and have higher educational level than average.  I’m also not interested in you opinions on religion or individual health.  If it’s black guys trying to make everyone into a politician than black psyche applies.  You wouldn’t give then the time of day for conservative and prominence reason.  It’s black disrespect.
7)  The failure of family and friends to catch the problems is especially suspect.  It also has other confusion from Protestants and blacks.  Most parents make it a point to have enough of a relationship with their family members to catch onto the fact it’s a stranger.  I have historically had a decent relationship with everyone and can’t believe you efforts to damage my career and marriage.  What did I ever do to you for you to fill in with some black chick or other specie for an LDS temple marriage.(2)(3)
8)  The fill ins toss everything for career and marriage.  Its someone that is tossed over a lifetime for a huge number of decisions that are important for development.  They are boosting for other’s peoples products and services.
(1)  The reason I don’t think I have an heir is because they fill in with other species for family members that are strangers.
(2)  The unspoken suspension might be that its because American Airlines 11 passengers failed to rush the cockpit.  Gunshots in the economy section of the plane and phone calls would explains why I didn’t rush the cockpit and why I jumped out the back end of the plane instead.  If it’s 1982 nukes, then maybe its because of proximity to the origin of the launch of a weapon or because the movie Star Wars gave somebody some ideas to nuke Provo.  It’s somebody else that launched the weapon and not my fault.  If it’s Japan that nuked Provo then you’d have to get the details from the military or other source.  The allegation is that Provo is to blame because some of them were on board planes that nuked Japan in World War II or in other support roles.  That part would also be known to the military and not to me because I am non-military.
(3)  If my fiancee had any black or Baptist ties then they didn’t report them.  They report they are white and LDS.  For BYU alumni, it would be illegal to fill in with a pack of strangers for any LDS temple marriage.  It would also be anti-Mormon and illegal to toss it to someone else to fill in for marriage.

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