United States Weather Forecast and Religions that Sue Out

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Parental Troubleshooter for Mormons with a Sue Out Agenda

1)  If you have evidence that your religion wants to sue out your family members then what do you do about it?  A Mormon version might be as follows:

a)  You don’t owe them the time of day.  They intend to sue you out and wreck your life.  (Since the age of 5?)(1)  You don’t go to LDS seminary.  You don’t go to B.Y.U.  You don’t serve an LDS mission because they intend to sue you out.   You exit any religion that has the intent to sue out your family members.  They’re bad for business.

b)  For intitutional troubleshoot, you get rid of the ones the sue out and have the intent to sue out your family members.  Bruce Hafen is one of many that sue out through BYU with complaints that he goes after journalists among others.  He has many LDS counterparts in Southern California that sue out through the LDS church.  They are shameless attackers of traditional marriage.  They’d all have lots of legal problems if any of you thought that should matter to stick up for traditional marriage.  They’re a bunch of terrorists that want their *sshole.

c)  Many people would direct resources and legal work indicating disapproval for their attacks on traditional marriage.  For many, it would be a top priority to get rid of them and to disparage them.  For institutional leadership that fails to get rid of the LDS that script sue out for traditional marriage:  What a pack of cowards.


(1)  It doesn’t matter to me who that is.  It needs strong people with strong handling that sticks up for our business and marital interests.  It needs strong community leadership to get rid of the ones that are suing and any supporters.  It’s bad for business.  The sue out may be for something that doesn’t matter to anyone such as scoring a goal at a soccer game.


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