Bird in a Helmet with Stealth and a Bodysuit

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Etching of bird in armour

1)  On this picture add stealth to the helmet and a body suit.  The updated helmet is human or has a digital screen and other electronics for various tasks.  See if that applies to anyone where you live.  Sometimes they go black.

2)  Mugger bird in a helmet might be hiding on a ledge and is criminal.  Military bird in a helmet may be birds of prey that are armed and dangerous.  Suicide bird in a helmet may have a fake death by jumping off of buildings when they have stealth or by gunshot when they have an armored helmet.  It may lend itself to confusion.

2.5)  Some of the 9-11 gunshots was from birds in a helmet that go black.  The solution to bird in a helmet problems is to kill them.  That’s better to men because we are suppose to kill small animals.

3)  Bird in a helmet that is athletic can win for speed because they have stealth.  They may also be in sporting events for pay and humans are stupid to pay to see a bunch of birds play ball.

4)  You throw the book at responsible individuals for fill in marriage because other specie marriage diminishes humans.  It’s bad for business.  It’s bad for their family history.

5)  Per to the nukes in 1982:  Maybe the birds did it.  Or someone black.  They like Provo enough to nuke it.

6)  It might be a bird in a helmet or other specie that fills in for the ones that are missing from the nukes.  That’s your parents that hide out in the closet and appear out of nowhere.

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