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New Page 55.


1)  It isn’t art.  It’s business and economics.

2)  The problems with Utah using content for movies and marketing is that it’s bad for business and causes professional derision.

3) Some local content included political scripting for Mitt (MIT) Romney, Obama (Bama) and Santorum. Santorum was a generic political name. Any latching to anyone’s bid for office would be disruptive and bad for business. That would also hold for similar scripts for war start and LDS anti-gay marriage activism. The content from young people could also be sued to create product or politicians in other countries. The latch isn’t clear however it might be LDS, BSA or BYU marketing.

4) You may also want to review who uses the database as it may be used to script fill in marriage and for sue out. The content is used by Utah Valley call centers for sue out, monitoring and for political activism that is bad for business.

5) The institutional take out is indifferent that it is bad for business. They might have few credits to get the mortgage without that mattering. It matters if it causes legal upset, crowding out, academic out, etc. in relationship to career. They act like everyone is a G.I. or Vegas even though many of us are not military or indifferent to career. Their instituional latch would cause shock out, legal derision and economic stress.

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