NPO Terror

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World Bank Group.

1)  The World Bank is a terrorist organization operated by the ultra left.   They’re bad for business like religion and so are international development organizations that cause any members to nosedive.

2)  It might be a point-and-click lawsuit and that’s the end of it that’s the problem from your organizations.

3)  I’ve gotten a number of e-mails with claims of  lawsuits from blacks asserting that they are suing me individually for no money.  They block financially with such lawsuits and nobody fixes it.  In America, they aren’t supposed to get away with that because it’s bad for business.

4)  The blacks usually suggest they are making everyone into a non-profit and using existing organizations such as the LDS church or Students for International Development for their anti-business claims.  Black psyche applies on those claims.

5)  I’m conservative and usually distance from anything that is bad for business.  It just doesn’t matter unless you fix any claims.

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