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2012 Buick LaCrosse Luxury Car | Luxury Mid-Size Sedan | Buick.

1)  L.A. Shoves:  You might need help to take out mouthy blacks and bad guy attorneys.  You might have have to take out the black Navy and the black LAPD that attacks traditional marriage.  It would work out better for everyone if they were another country that is the enemy because of sue out efforts.  The public sue out ones that flame everyone on shortwave radio deserve corrective action.

2)  The community catch in LA is failed including at sports events.  America is much less of a responsible citizen and it’s bad for business.

3)  If you see even one lawsuit from any source then you know it’s a cultural attack.  You can fix it because you know what Western America is like.

4)  It doesn’t need to matter to me that your not that religious.  It’s corrective action for sue out efforts and attacks on traditional marriage.  It’s the same here or there.  Your *odless *stards and you get rid of them.

5)   You get rid of public sue out efforts anywhere.

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