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1)  You have to watch for what Romney does on this topic.  He’s a gaymaker like the gay bar.  He would invite to be a volunteer an then ask for resignation for people like me.  The difference is that I’m not gay and he’s bad for business like gays that make gay claims.  That’s another reason why religion want’s your *sshole.

2)  It’s Not Our Gay Agenda.

3)  The Mormons are political to come up with a fill in marriage and then to make it into a scandal.  It is less compliant if you fill in with a pack of strangers and it’s a scripted out for conservatives.  It’s Mormonism offering an illegal marriage if your sealing to other specie and filling in with strangers.  It’s bad for business.  It gets handling where everybody loses and about all anyone can do is to save whatever is left of the account.

4)  Because Mormons offer illegal marriage on purpose then you downgrade the institution.  They’re a bunch of smokers.

5)  Your bad to men.  Utah empowers people that fail to support traditional marriage.  They are the slimiest people alive.  They are terrible people and some of our worst citizens.

6)  The attorneys attack traditional values and traditional marriage.  The police and politicians aren’t that traditional for that to matter.

7)  In relationship to this article, I would cheer if those of you that attack men where to kill yourselves.  Your bad for business.  That would include all of you that attack traditional values and traditional marriage.

8)  It’s a failed catch on public sue out efforts.  The people that are involved with public sue out are rotten people.  They need greater disincentives to dissuade them.  You have to vilify them and to increase their losses.  America wins if they all kill themselves.  Sometimes you can come up with that one way or another.

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