Darth Vader Bird in a Helmet

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Rolling Stone Cover of Darth Vader Rolling Stone Cover by Albert Watson at Barewalls.com.

1)  That’s one for the bird helmet.

2)  That’s just your wife and kid that’s in the bird helmet.  That’s how much Jesus loves you.

3)  Bird in a Helmet:  It might be all that Utah is offering for marriage when your family members doen’t know it’s other specie.  Except it looks like this one.

4)  The pack of strangers might look the same.  It’s BYU chick that shares our traditional values except she’s *odless and anti-traditional marriage and doesn’t want you to know that.

5)  For parents, your family members also need a tip on blacks with coverings.

6)  Utah won’t ever give a tip to anyone on other specie problems.  You might have a problem even with very good tips if they fill in as a pack of strangers.  It’s the reason your bad for business in the state.

7)  You’ll find corrupt home builders, religions and mortgage lenders in relationship to fill in marriage schemes.

File:1990s Mathmos Astro.jpg

8)  For political review:  The issue is who deserves other specie problems when certain people know everything about it.  It’s political for anyone including religion or athletics to think you deserve other specie problems.  Even worse is to engineer other specie problems for mortgage lending reason.

9)  Conservatives may need some rules or regulations that protect their financial interests and family members interests better than they do – or better enforcement of exiting rules.  Utah isn’t going to catch the other specie problem for your family members even though it’s an illegal marriage.  Your religion won’t either.  Some people would make a case for regulation of religious and non-profit organizations.

10)  For information providers there is a shortage of information on this topic on the internet.  Help files would be informal and may be through public schools.  Most people have a political toss on the topic.  People need updated information on the technology used by other specie to fool you that they are human.

10.5)  The bird in a helmet that is stealth is alleged to be for animal’s only and that they buy the equipment at the pet store or on a hidden web page.  Other’s allege that it is military technology.  Watch out for Trixie.

Trixie DreamWorld Toledo Tan Paw Print Cat Condo

11)  The other specie problems are a nationwide problem.

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