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Ultra-leftism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

1)  Your Ultra-leftism is bad for business.

2)  It’s a legal system that is corrupt from red and blue attorneys in the state.  They attack traditional marriage all day long every day.  It’s an undue burden to identify the worst of the batch when we don’t have access to the information that identifies those attacking traditional marriage or making claims that are bad for business.  You would do everyone a favor by publishing who they are so they are vilified and given corrective or disciplinary actions.  Mormon indifference to sue out efforts from LDS attorneys deserve special critique.

2.25)  Vilify usually end up something that is Hitler.  It doesn’t have to be that.  It might be whatever works out to fix the problems.

2.5)  The attorneys in America bully conservative men.  So do blacks including blacks in the military using military monitor to decult men of religion, traditional marriage and conservativism.   Their monitor is bad to Utah.  They’re bad for business.

3)  The U creates some really rotten people in relationship to traditional values and traditional marriage.  That would include institutionalized weakening efforts.  For U doctors, that includes regression and political work in the form of M.I. diagnostics.  It doesn’t need to matter to us who they are because they are *odless *astards.  We don’t need to reward them, our legal system or politicians for being bad for business.

4)  Those that aren’t that religious make schizophrenia claims on religious people for sue out and financial reason.  They are usually hidden or withheld claims.  It’s reason not to be religious because you don’t stick up for the interests of men or conservatives in relationship to those claims.  You may find similar claims in banking and at credit unions from female employees that don’t like men.

5)  For blacks on racism, it doesn’t need to matter to us that you aren’t that religious.  Affirmative action programs are bad to white people and often includes hiring less qualified people.

6)  For Utah conservatives, they aren’t suppose to spend time trying to cater to the left for religion or for any other reason.  It’s bad to men that you have them writing that way in local schools.

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