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True size of Africa

1)  Could you create a USA in another continent with a parallel grid?  It would include corresponding cities.

2)  In Utah, everyone is animal workers.  Usually Europe uses animals workers.

3)  I don’t want to live in a parallel.  I’m a U.S. citizen that doesn’t want to get tossed abroad.

4)  It might be the military that gets tossed abroad and never makes it back home from their service.   If religious volunteerism is the same then it would be reason to cancel either.  That would also hold for any vacations abroad if it includes being trapped or waylaid outside of the United States.

5)  It’s culturally disparate and has a bad personality.

6)  You might get the same result through partitioning.  That might be a level one, two and three model that doesn’t make any sense.  In that model, one is military, two is mixed race and three is white.  It’s the reason that “getting shafted” would be a problem.  The ones that you shaft have a bad life anywhere.  They’re surrounded by other specie in bodysuits.

6.5)  According to L3 Website, I live on Level 3 that is white.  That makes sense because I’m white.

7)  Assorted:  Technology parks may have more silicon levels.  Sweden is alleged to have silicon roads that are “high and low.”

8)  Guantanamo Bay Lawsuits and 9-11:  Does Mexico have a parallel U.S.?  Or South America?

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