Conservative Troubleshoot for Other Specie Problems

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1)  Other specie problems include animals inside of  a bodysuit.

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1)  Legal Handling of Other Specie:  It’s unreasonable that the state disputes if there are tests that could determine if it is other specie.  You have dozens of tests that could determine that using modern science.  You also know that it is illegal to marry humans to animals.  They may fill in with birds, pigs, snakes and dogs among other specie.  For that reason your handling is bad for business and improper.

2)  This is the I.D. used for the mortgage fraud and fill in marriage.  It includes other specie and a pack of strangers.  It doesn’t need to matter to me who that is because they are involved with criminal activity.  You prosecute them for mortgage fraud.  It’s bad for business and illegal.

3)  Legal:  It doesn’t need to matter to me that your not that religious.  You need to replace the police and judges that fail to prosecute mortgage fraud in our state.  Affinity fraud in Utah is an epidemic.

4)  Outside of fill in marriages that are illegal that are usually mortgage fraud schemes, there needs to be clear legal work that protects traditional marriage.  Marriage to other specie is anti-traditional marriage.  Messages from police or attorneys, including black attorneys, threatening to sue out under any condition are attacks on traditional marriage.  They are people that deserve corrective actions that attack traditional marriage.

5)  That includes Utah Valley Police that asks for legal reason if individuals in traditional marriage intend to copulate with their (cross-gender other specie in a bodysuit?) *sshole again.  For conservatives you get rid of them because they attack traditional marriage.  It doesn’t need to matter to us that they aren’t that religious.  They’re bad for business and anti-conservative.  On the troubleshoot, your taking out conservative with traditional values.  You are through the call centers with flames and through anti-traditional marriage legal claims. It’s the reason that it should be so easy to determine who is anti-conservative and who is anti-traditional marriage.  You can then nullify their claims and/or initiate corrective actions.

5.5)  The other specie workers are everywhere that are going to toss conservative objectives.   You are also aware of political and legal attacks on traditional marriage that are less conservative that require someone that troubleshoots correctly for people that are conservative with traditional marriage objectives.  Most of the troubleshoot is especially bad for business and bad to men.

6)  Some people believe that the masses of people that have an agenda to “screw up” religion are bad for business.  In a similar manner, those that “screw up” the careers and family history of men are bad for business.

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