Nuke It

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1)  That’s a good one for your institutional weakening efforts.


3)  And for blacks for your hypertension political objectives.,


Unrelated Stuff to Nuke

a)  If major organized religions proclaim that you don’t need to matter to their organization then it causes problems similar to being purged.  Religion is also bad for business.

b)  The film industry may fear religion and religious condemnation as they are bad for business.  Any critique of content used for film can be bad for business even though it is often unpaid content used from local schools.

c)  Gay activism may instill fear as they punish and/or sue out conservatives because their gayness “doesn’t need to matter to you.”  Inversion from blacks and conservatives is bad for business and can crash anyone from the left or right.  If they are black then they invert to “drive white people nuts.”  That’s another reason to nuke them and to bash some gays.

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