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The Last Samurai OST #9 – Red Warrior – YouTube.


1)  Many people like the Red Warrior.  This movie is another one on this list that I forgot to add:  http://www.blacksunpress.com/movies.html.

1.5)  Per the bootstrapping effort on movie history:  Some people don’t hold it against me.  What if someone did write a few movies that worked out?  The difference is they aren’t going to credit even if I provide extensive evidence.  As a state you should be punishing to the fact that they don’t credit or pay Utah movie writers.

2)  Some additional content was used in movies in 2011.  The Artist, The Help, Hugo, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and others.  The Help is like Milk where everyone goes to hell.  In relationship to movies, blacks have been especially mean to me.  They have bullies and badgered everyone.  Whites are racist and/or second rate.  They are just unbelievable in relationship to anything Mormon.  They are bad for business and another reason not to have a religion.


2.25)  They are dedicated to nullifying any benefits from education that you might expect financially or otherwise.  It doesn’t need to matter to me that you are not that religious.

2.5)  The content is from so long ago.  It may include content used in Moneyball(1) that was an economic approach to baseball adapted from an article in the newspaper  and Oscar-winning Midnight in Paris from reading of “Lost Generation” writers in school.  The Artist was written along a theme of “getting along with everyone.”  It may have used famous movie clips that got along with everyone in reverse to create a “warmer or friendlier Hollywood” in a silent film genre.


3)  Per Movies, Music and Marketing Content:  They impoverish their people.

4)  They also make everyone fallow.  They flame and sue everyone out.  They bully and shoot people or make funding conditional.  It’s one big shove out of larger market for people that don’t want to live in rural markets.

4.5)  That holds for the military monitor giving everyone some tips that they don’t like white people.  They use the monitor to sue people out of traditional marriage and jobs.  It’s bad for business.

5)  Much of finance believes that religion is bad for business.  The same holds for blacks making racism claims on individuals in the state and country.  They’re bad for business.  For religion just pass the pain equally so you all go broke.


1)  And Purple Rain.  It also includes a number of other baseball movies listed here:  http://www.baseball-almanac.com/moviebat.shtml.

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