Book of Mormon Musical Writer says Hasa Diga to Film Industry Accountants

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Book of Mormon Musical Is Becoming More Popular Than The Actual Book Of Mormon.


1)  This is one that I wrote a s a young person.  There is no credit for that on any document anywhere.  I’m forgotten in relationship to that even though I remember writing it.  They often use code names, writer names and proxy identities instead of the correct name for the writers.

2)  The song Hasa Diga Eebowai is one I wrote.  It’s one phrase I found somewhere and decided to write a song that would be used in this Book of Mormon musical.   Excecpt I don’t know that they will ban it because the phrase gets along with religion.  Turn it Off or Spooky Mormon Hell Dream are other songs if you prefer.

3)  Some of the movies and productions are famous productions such as Lion King.  It’s big enough to name the theater after it.  Historical and financial handling in relationship to that is a slight and anything but an honor.  It’s disrespect.  It’s not just limited to religion that you say hasa diga.(1)  It’s film industry accountants and historians that are bad to everyone financially.(2)

4)  It would matter if it’s handled correctly for prominence reason.  It’s supposed to be a photo in a suit and tie for prominence reason.

5)  Movie problems might include crimes like shootings.

6)  Other schemes might include scripting the end of the writer such as scheduling them to be onboard a scripted plane crash.(3)


(1)  Because you latch for political and marketing reason and it would crash traditional marriage or career for anyone anywhere.  Because you bad for business.  Because we all need to work and want decent jobs and job continuity.

(2)  None of us want to write films for free.  It’s misunderstood why Utah allows you to steal our content from the schools for movie reason.  It’s bad for business because of movie problems, boycott and protest.

(3)  For BYU schedulers, it might be a fitting end to the writer of Milk and to any American German from Russia heritage.

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