Does anyone know what “que chato” mean in portuguese?

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Does anyone know what “que chato” mean in portuguese? – Yahoo! Answers.

1)  That’s what the past decades are like.  With wars, lawsuits and divisive social issues you’ve really have outdone yourselves.

It’s suppose to be funner than sitting around thinking about who gets to legalize gay marriage or getting bullied by blacks with a chip on their shoulder.

2)  Or sitting around trying to determine if that is that human or specie?

3)  And trying to get around everyone that wants to make everyone into a drunk that sits around and the fact that America doesn’t like religion.

4)  Could anyone get stuck in South America and not know it?  That depends if there is an overlay with the same grid as America.(1)  It would have the same neighborhoods on the map and speak English.  It would screw up their life to be waylaid in a foreign country.  Nobody would catch it and they would steal your life in the United States.

5)  Mormons wouldn’t catch it on purpose because they might as well screw up your life.  That means everyone gets a frog in a helmet wife and a frog in a helmet for the troubleshoot.

6)  I’m a citizen of the United States and I don’t want to live outside of the United States.  I’m not military and would cancel anything that results in being waylaid.


(1)  Chile for Utah.  Venezuala for D.C. with a sideways platform?

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