Political Troubleshoot on the Dart Frog

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iPACS demo.


1)  For legal reason, wealth and prominence might determine if that scan is human.

2)  The other specie is in a body suit like the birds in a helmet.  It’s relevant in troubleshooting the legality of marriage if it is human or not.

3)  Utah will issue a marriage certificate even if it is another specie and sue you out after you buy a house.  They will for mortgage lending reason or for political reason to screw up your life.  That’s how much you don’t need to matter to them.

4)  Many of the specie in a body suit are credible.  They might even make beautiful brides for photos.  However, to marry humans to other specie is illegal.  Many mortgage lenders, religious leaders and politicians think you really deserve such a union.  That’s why they authorize so many illegal marriages for thousands and thousands of Americans.

5)  The airports that have used scanners would have evidence of other specie even if it is somebody else’s problem.  If it’s a family member or spouse it’s likely they don’t know it’s other specie.  They don’t know it’s a bird in a helmet or other specie.

6)  America is mean on the troubleshoot.  Political, family and religious leadership is largely indifferent and/or ignorant to that problem.

7)  For family troubleshoot, you should preclude any marriage to other specie for wealth management reason.  It’s bad for business.

8)  I wonder if the Salt Lake City Airport has found any dart frogs in a helmet as they are screening for guns.

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