BMW 3 Series, Concussions and Public Relations

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BMW 3 Series Overview – BMW North America.

1)  Per 9-11 Survivor Story:  Some younger generation are critical of any reference to it.  It doesn’t need to define anyone but you may need to be critical of any failure to honor victims.  It disrespect to shove everyone out of career and marital objectives.  It’s not the end of the world if anyone’s ever been injured.  It might generate derision for political and other reason.  You’ll find website online that have 9-11 survivor stories.  The handling of survivor stories is political like everything else.  I would go with handling that is good for business.

2)  Because it’s a complicated incident it may generate a need for better public relations.  It may be an undue burden.  In review you should be especially critical of large institutional shoves or flames for survivors.

3)  It may not be natural for survivors to have to say, “What did I ever do to you?”  They’re the ones that were injured and lose financially over it.  Why should they have to apologize to you for anything.

4)  Labor disputes and political divisions may also cloud the issues in relationship to standard procedure that might be expected within America for recovery from terror incidents.

5)  For war starts some would volunteer to die.  Many of us that are not military and that value longevity would not choose to die.  In fact, many Americans would be critical of anyone scripting a “bad ending”  for them.

6)  Concussion:  Many employers are political to any reference to concussion.  They suggest it would be cause to terminate so you can “sit around to get over your TBI.”  Then they’re mean to everyone for failing to buy an Escalade.   You can come up with brain injury for anyone through gunshot.   You can also make claims on athletes such as football for concussion.  If it’s legal or medical claims than many men are held out and lose financially.  

7)  Under some conditions it could require a two-pronged strategy with no reference to the incident or injury and a burden to provide evidence of injury for any claims.

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