Gaybasher for the Midwest

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1) Gaybasher for the Midwest.  Bash some gays in the Midwest.

2)  Per to Utah:  What a pack of *odless *astards you are in relationship to public attacks on traditional marriage.

3)  I would destroy all of you financially and otherwise if I could for attacks on traditional marriage.

4)  Utah is *ucked in it’s failure to support traditional marriage.  It inverts everything like blacks do.  What a pack of *ucking losers you are in relationship to traditional marriage.

5)  You stink on other specie marriage.  Your bad for business.  Your unpure and not the victims of fraud schemes.  Your a slimey stinky state that’s bad to men.

6)  Your a stinky slimey state on deaths from nukes in 1982.  You stink on no payment for movie content that crashes everything.  You stink on funding sources and assumption of powers.  You stink on identity and mortgage fraud issues.

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