Muscle Cars in Las Vegas, NV

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New Page 179.


1)  Per academics and future academics:  You don’t “shove them to Vegas” because they need jobs and job continuity.  The Vegas out wrecks them professionally and is political to lean into them publically.

2)  It takes strong leadership to preclude Vegas shoves that attack traditional marriage and career.

3)  For those of us that are financially motivated:  It takes the most money to afford Vegas and everything else.  It takes job continutity and decent jobs.  That’s why people have to establish themselves in career without bullying efforts or legal upsets.

4)  Large institutional shoves at the end of any degree are especially disruptive to development.  It should be a top priority to manage those shoves correctly.  A Vegas shove is an economic disparagement designation that includes sue out and bankruptcy.

5)  Mormon Vegas shove is especially harmful and is sexual harassment.  It nullifies any benefits from higher education.

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