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1)  The bird in a helmet is a Utah speciality.  They have Utah H.S. athletes wrapped out for mortgages with a pack of strangers a bird in a helmet to crash everything.

2)  I can complain for fifty years and it doesn’t matter to anyone that it’s illegal and bad for business.  It’s a negligent state full of negligent legal workers.

3)  That specie wife has a pouch.  It’s supposed to matter to our mothers and fathers that know the difference and politic of other specie problems.  It’s supposed to matter for public health reason.

4)  The athletic derision expert tosses you the pouch or the donut instead of parts.(1)

5)  I would lower the boom on individuals that script other specie marriages for athletic derision and for any other reason.  I would at the government level for American reason.

6)  You’ve all a bunch of losers on academic and athletic derision issues.  It’s economic disparagement and we all hope you kill yourselves.

7)  Ideas from disaster recover that could be altered for other specie problems.  Utah residents may need similar plans for economic disparagement that is caused by being from the state.(2)

Control measures in recovery plan

Control measures are steps or mechanisms that can reduce or eliminate various threats for organizations. Different types of measures can be included in BCP/DRP.

Disaster recovery planning is a subset of a larger process known as business continuity planning and should include planning for resumption of applications, data, hardware, communications (such as networking) and other IT infrastructure. A business continuity plan (BCP) includes planning for non-IT related aspects such as key personnel, facilities, crisis communication and reputation protection, and should refer to the disaster recovery plan (DRP) for IT related infrastructure recovery / continuity. This article focuses on disaster recovery planning as related to IT infrastructure. Types of measures:

  1. Preventive measures – These controls are aimed at preventing an event from occurring.
  2. Detective measures – These controls are aimed at detecting or discovering unwanted events.
  3. Corrective measures – These controls are aimed at correcting or restoring the system after a disaster or an event.

These controls should be always documented and tested regularly.


(1)  Sometimes it’s a mound or pack of other specie.  The dart frog might be South American.

(2)  Detection is limited because nobody wants to use body scans or any other technologies as evidence of other specie.  Utah companies hire animal workers instead of humans.  If your planning to fund everyone by hiring animals and to preclude work then you should be forthright that is your intent.  It would preclude any significant wealth building.

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