Disapproval for Sue Out Agendas

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1)  Disapproval for public sue out efforts from any source.  It’s a cultural attack and economic disparagement for you to have a sue out agenda.  I’d get rid of all of you over it.  We all hope you kill yourselves.

2)  Sue out efforts are often cross-cultural public attacks with weak responses from family friends and community.  You can sue out anyone.   You invert them at any sporting event among other mean tricks.(1)

3)  You do wreck careers and family history and it’s the reason that you can all f off.

4)  Disapproval for you claims that cause sue out.  Utah knows what Utah Valley creates throught the schools.  I’m traditional and buy into traditional marriage just like you know.  That’s why your sensibilities are way off on handling claims.  You invert everything and everybody and then ask why traditional people are bent out of shape over it.  Your the problem on support for traditional marriage not me.


(1)  That would include inversion and sue out efforts from Baptists and Catholics for political reason.  They aren’t supposed to get away with that for conservative and financial reason.

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