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Political Economy

Political economy – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Comments 1)  Individual acumen includes a graduate degree in political economy.  I’m critical of derision from the any source. 2)  Distancing:  Many of us have distanced from politicans and religion and continue to be hazed from the Left.  Disapproval for your disrepect. 3)  My master’s degree in political […]

LDS Sue Out Objectives

Comment 1)  Guys like Mullinax sue out and flame everyone in public.  They do at the pulpit and online.  Many Utah Valley ones know our family and that we are family people.   Why don’t you fire him and find some legal problems for him.  He’s a big loser on family that bully’s tradiational people.  You’re […]

Disapproval for Utah for Individuals with a Stated Sue Out Objective

1)  You need to find some stronger disincentives in relationship to their sue out objectives and claims.  For many people, its anti-you, anti-business and anti-religion.  They can live with that and you need to block their efforts and get rid of them. 2)  LA Mormons can f’off on public sue out.  They place LDS divorce attorneys […]

Disapproval for Outbound Call Center Sound Effects

1)  Employees need to provide information who is responsible for the call center protest and nuisance.  They are often used for political reason and will protest some people their entire lives. 2)  Sento in Orem, Utah is one that bothers everyone with outbound sound effects.  Some of them are other specie workers.  It needs disincentive and/or legal problems […]

Disapproval for Radio and Cellular Monitor by News and Other Organizations

Comment 1)  Monitor might include military sources such as the Navy, call centers, religions, non-profits and credit unions. 2)  Utah County monitor might include Sento call center that may include retributional gay protesters and/or BSA monitor.  It may also include UCCU in relationship to having a line of credit.  They may controversialize religious memberships because they might be Utah Valley University […]

Disapproval for Mean Legal Workers

1)  My family you don’t approach legally.  You fire and disparage the breachers. 2)  You don’t sue out for an illegal marriage.  It needs special handling if you fill in with stranger and other specie.  Some religions would annul.  You history needs a fix because of  a Utah-based decision to screw up history. 3)  You […]