Disapproval for Mean Legal Workers

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1)  My family you don’t approach legally.  You fire and disparage the breachers.

2)  You don’t sue out for an illegal marriage.  It needs special handling if you fill in with stranger and other specie.  Some religions would annul.  You history needs a fix because of  a Utah-based decision to screw up history.

3)  You punish those responsible for fill in.  It wrecks family history.

4)  You also need to monitor who has that intend per individual and nullify their claims or efforts.  I would have done that and gotten rid of them.  We are limited to what degree we

can punish you individually and constrained by the law.

5)  If it other specie and void then why are filling in for it?  It would create a cohabitation instead of legitimacy.  They would also take it out on career and family history for mortgage lending reason.  Church and state have failed to represent that correctly.

6)  It’s also telling about Amertica, Utah and religion that you have such a poor New Orleans option for family life.  No male in the county wins on your schemes.

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