Disapproval for Radio and Cellular Monitor by News and Other Organizations

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1)  Monitor might include military sources such as the Navy, call centers, religions, non-profits and credit unions.

2)  Utah County monitor might include Sento call center that may include retributional gay protesters and/or BSA monitor.  It may also include UCCU in relationship to having a line of credit.  They may controversialize religious memberships because they might be Utah Valley University alumni.

3)  News organizations might include LDS news organizations that use radio systems with electronic devices placed in car vents.  Radio systems may also be in place in churches including LDS stake centers.  Catholics are also known to monitor.

4)  Monitor is a nuisance that inhibits commerce.  It also exposes people to legal risks, public upsets, flames, retribution and sue out.  It’s one of many disruptive technologies.

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