9-11 Defendants’ Actions Outraged Relatives of the Victims

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I support the relatives of the victims in relationship to 9-11 prosecution in Cuba.  I’m a survivor of the American Airlines 11 crash.  Conservatives wouldn’t weaken any punishment like you can expect from NYC liberals.

via World News – After chaotic start, long fight predicted in Guantanamo 9/11 case.


1)  For the NYC American Airlines 11 crash in 1992 that’s anything but timely for prosecution.

2)  Many American’s are exuberant about Bin Laden’s death.  You should villify and punish those responsible for 9-11 in a similar manner.

3)  The 9-11 murderers are singing the same “Hail to the Jihad” song as Bin Laden.

4)  That might also hold for some Democrats.

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