Call for Prosecution for Mortgage Fraud

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My case of Utah mortgage fraud includes:

a)  Utah filling in for traditional marriage with other species.

b)  Utah filling in with a “pack of strangers” or radiation person.

c)  A failure by police and judges to confirm it’s illegal.  It’s police corruption.  It’s even worse in LA.

d)  Efforts to embarass me in public.

e)  Insensitivity to traditional marital objectives and/or values.  Conservatives remove them for anti conservative, anti-traditional marriage and for anti-business reason.

I recommend:

a)  Removal and disbarment of judges nd attorneys involved with mortgage fraud and that support those efforts legally.

b)  Removal of police that fail to acknowledge illegal process and mortgage fraud.  They have gone out of their way to flame and to disparage in public.  It’s police corruption.

c)  Expecting me to believe your legal work is valid as it is an illegal marriage.

d)  Public hazing and claims is for “Obama” or “Ute” reason.  It’s the reason that you remove and discipline them in a timely manner.

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