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TuneIn: Listen to Online Radio, Music and Talk Stations.


1)  Maybe we can find a clear station as long as it isn’t local.  That would be the first clear station in the past 20 years.  That’s a state dedicated to making everything dull.

2)  Local radio stations that flame everyone can find some other friends.  So can ISPs and television stations that toss everything with VoIP and upset audio interjections.

3)  Gay and black protestors, legal hazers and disruptive activists are no fun with VoIP attacks, mean claims and/or flames.  They don’t want anyone to be happy or to have any money.  That includes blacks that invert white people so they lose money.  They are dedicated to making white people lackluster for political reason.

4)  It needs a timely and stong response to bullying efforts that include the use of disruptive technologies.

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