Disapproval for Line-of-Sight Hazing from Blogs, Call Centers and Radio in Draper, Utah

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It inhibits commerce.

It “screws up” the American economy.

It inhibits standard American career expectations because it causes discontinuity.

For Utah problems, our focus needs to be on protecting our financial interests instead of advocating free speech, protest and activism.

Knock if off in Draper.  Stop flaming everyone from your cars.

Disapproval for Draper as a Utah city.  I’m from Utah.  I don’t want to go over your religious or political affiliations.  Your suppose to have some manners and to be sportsmanlike.

Public protest at sporting events and of individuals is improper for Utah culture.  You troubleshoot is forever failed.  You tell them to knock if off.  It causes institutionalized economic disparagement.  Many of them are Catholic and/or black.

The proest is stealth and it’s larger market so I don’t know who they are.  It may include satellite technologies or audio broadcas downward from the sky.  If it’s military or cops its the same message.  Tell them to knock it off.

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