Problems for the Russian-Germans

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The Riders of the Kirghiz | Travel | Life | Epoch Times.  (1700s and 1800s.)


1)  The great majority of the Russian-Germans in Europe moved back to Germany some time ago.  They are German citizens.

2)   For NATO in Afghanistan, it’s not a secret that there are some problems that are Islamic.

3)  Batching Russian-Germans with Balkans is much worst than with Germans.  In fact, it might be LDS ethnic handling that contributes to New Orleans problems.

4)  Not everyone deserve to be as unhappy as Serbians.

5)  Evidence most Russian-Germans live in Germany and are German citizens:

6)  Stuttgart, Germany includes many people but might include some guys with a sporty personality:

7)  The following link suggests that the Soviet Volga Germans fought against the Nazis in World War II

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