Dishonor for Fill In Script from Utah

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1)  Disapproval on your failure to prosecute those that script “Vegas Out.”

a)  That includes church people that script failure.  We all have traditional expectations that are from traditional people.  You don’t have to sabotage traditional marriage for everyone to

confirm that we are not god.

b)  It might be Utah Valley that makes a hidden claim that everyone thinks they are Jesus Christ and then scripts failure and problems for them.  That’s a religion and/or market that inhibits commerce and attacks tradional marriage based on arbitrary variables.

2)  Disapproval for conservatives that fail to remove judges, including Catholic judges, that dispute if our objective in marriage are traditional and/or nuclear.

3)  Disapproval for fill in marriage and failed troubleshoot from family, friends and community.  You suck.

4)  Disapproval for taking it out on everyone’s heart and health by delegitimizing traditional marriage.

5)  The individuals responsible for fill in marriage are dishonorable people.

6)  The fill in script is by individuals and institutions with a diminishment and weakening objective.  They are dishonorable and invovolved with illegal activity.  They usually indicate that maybe

that guy thinks too highly of himself.  They’re inverting whatever Utah creates by delegitimizing traditional marriage.

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